About the book

The story follows Clara Falkenberg, one of the last survivors of a once-powerful industrial family in Essen. In 1946, she comes out of hiding to search for her missing friend.

A battle-scarred black marketeer holds the key to her quest: a boy soldier, underground since the war, who refuses to believe the war is over.

To uncover the truth about the boy, Clara must excavate her past in the ruins of one of Germany’s most devastated cities. How guilty is she? Can good intentions weigh as heavily as her crimes? What future does she deserve?


“…a captivating tour through the reckoning years that followed WWII when clarifying identities, unearthing truths, and facing judgements was the only way to rebuild a life.”

–Devin Murphy, bestselling author of The Boat Runner

Is it one book or two?

FINDING CLARA and THE GERMAN HEIRESS are the same book with two different titles, the first in the UK market, the second in North America. So depending on where you are, you’ll see one title and cover or the other. The story, though, is just the same.

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Literary Agent: Laetitia Rutherford — Watson Little, Ltd, London — info@watsonlittle.com

Finding Clara: Hutchinson, PenguinRandomHouse, London

The German Heiress: William Morrow, Harper Collins, New York

For translation queries, please contact Hutchinson