Thanks for visiting Anika Scott’s site. Her debut novel The Faithful Son combines page-turning suspense with a deep look at how fragile friendship can be.

Occupied Germany, where life in the ruins makes it easy to forget the crimes of the past.

It’s 1946, the deadliest winter since World War II, and Clara is incognito. Not famous anymore, not powerful, not the sort to commit the kind of crimes they accuse her of in the papers.

But when she learns her childhood friend went missing in the war, Clara comes out of hiding to search for her last link to a time of innocence.

Her search leads her through the ruins of Essen, a once-great industrial city. And to Jakob, a wiseguy black marketeer who thought he’d put the war behind him. He’s got the key to Clara’s search —  a boy soldier, underground since the war, who refuses to believe the Third Reich surrendered. Read more in Books


anika headshotAbout Anika

She grew up in Michigan, USA, and was a staff journalist at the Chicago Tribune before moving to Germany. She wrote The Faithful Son while juggling (not literally!) freelance work and two small children. She lives in Essen, the setting of The Faithful Son, with her husband and two daughters. Read More in About


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Header photo: Hunger strikes 1947. Bundesarchiv, Bild 183-B0527-0001-753 / CC-BY-SA 3.0 via Wiki Commons