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It’s 1946, and Clara Falkenberg is incognito. Not famous anymore, not powerful, not the sort to commit the crimes they accuse her of in the papers.

But when she learns her childhood friend went missing in the war, Clara comes out of hiding to search for her last link to the past.

Her quest leads her through the ruins of Essen, a once-great industrial city. And to Jakob, a wiseguy black marketeer who thought he’d put the war behind him. He’s got the key to Clara’s search —  a boy soldier, underground since the war, who refuses to believe the Third Reich surrendered.


*The cover for THE GERMAN HEIRESS will be in soon. A placeholder image is on the far left. It’s of the wonderful Landschaftspark Duisburg, a former steel works where nature has reclaimed the land, not far from Essen, Germany.

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A novel of postwar Germany

Here it is, the first face of my debut novel, FINDING CLARA, launching March 5, 2020 in the UK. I still can’t quite believe it! This blog has been a place to share much of the research that went into my story of guilt and conscience set in the dangerous world of Germany just after […]

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Literary Agent Laetitia Rutherford

Watson Little, Ltd, London

Finding Clara: Hutchinson, PenguinRandomHouse, London

The German Heiress: William Morrow, Harper Collins, New York

For translation queries, please contact Hutchinson

Is it one book or two?

FINDING CLARA and THE GERMAN HEIRESS are the same book with two different titles, the first in the UK market, the second in North America. So depending on where you are, you’ll see one title and cover or the other. The story, though, is just the same.